Our Story | The Tando Family

Bethan is Mum to three young boys & has a background in large retail chains such as Topshop, as well as online marketing.

Taking time off to be a new mummy again in 2017, she couldn't help but notice she was buying the boys clothing from all of the same places and was underwhelmed by the lack of selection! 

House of Tando opened its doors in 2018 with a focus on quality boys clothing, whether that was basics or fashion.

September 2019 saw a Co-owner join the business, Jaz Pritchard and together as a business they wanted to help little men feel comfortable in what they wear so they can spend their days being boys but being mums they also wanted to have an ethical and environmentally friendly run business, that has a low carbon footprint... after all the future belongs to the young.

Shop the ranges of boys basics, denim and fashion from 3 to 8 years or shop the exciting new collection House of Tando Mini, which can now be shopped online | Newborn to 3 years.
Mum of Boys and Shop Owners, Beth & Jaz X
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A picture of a mum and her husband on holiday with three young children, one age ten, one aged three and one baby aged one. All are very happy and smiling, all are greatly dressed.